Please accept our heartfelt thanks from the entire “_____” family for the care you provided for our dad, Augustus (Gus) during his last days with us here.

His time in the hospital, isolated from all who loved him, was an extremely stressful period. Your perseverance in working with the hospital staff and others to get him home to be with his family on hospice is truly the only reason he was able to be with his family when he passed.

Your compassion in communicating the very delicate information to our Mom, Gloria, and all the family on how to best keep Dad comfortable through those final hours will forever be appreciated.

Grace and Glory is truly the perfect name for what you are doing through Hospice. Through your professional expertise and God’s Grace, you have brought Glory to our God through our Dad’ treatment. Thank you so very much for the continued prayers for our family and know that we will continue to pry for Grace and Glory Hospice and the many families who will be blessed by you in the days to come.

With appreciation and Love,

John and Gail (“Gus’s kids”)

21st Century