You and the entire Grace and Glory Hospice Team were amazing. Thank you so much for everything.

God was especially gracious to lead you to our doorstep one minute after Mom peacefully went to Glory.

Wow! That was INCREDIBLE that you were there just when we needed you!

You are a blessing to us, and I will always be grateful for those precious, sometimes challenging, unforgettable 2 ½ weeks my Mom was hospice service.

I miss Mom so much but am so happy for her!

I know that she is with Dad in Heaven. One of her favorite songs was “Safe in the arms of Jesus” I know without a doubt she is with Jesus and with my Dad! She served alongside Dad for many years as a faithful Mother and Pastor’s wife. Her life’s story of love and service touched and changed 100’s of lives and continues to do so.

Praying for you today.



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